Smoothing plane - this is used to make rough wood smooth. It is also used to reduce wood to the correct size for example by planing off excess wood when cleaning up comb joints or dovetail joints, before final sanding. Smoothing plane
Tenon saw Tenon saw - this saw is used to cut straight lines in wood. The mortise and tenon joint is cut using a tenon saw.

Try Square -this tool is used to check for squareness (90 degrees) and also to mark lines square across pieces of wood when marking out.

It is similar to the engineers square but does not have the burr groove nor is it usually made from steel.

Try square
Coping saw Coping Saw - Used to cut curves in wood. Very useful for removing most of the waste wood when cutting comb joints and dovetail joints. The coping saw can also be used on acrylic.
The Marking Gauge - used to mark lines parallel to the edge. Used to mark out shoulders and the depth to cut when marking out joints. Marking gauge

The Mallet - this is used with a chisel to remove waste wood when cutting joints.

These malletts are made in two parts - the handle and the head, both are made from beech. Beech is used because it is a very tough and durable timber.

The Marking Knife - is used to mark out joints by cutting fine lines deeply into the wood. A pencil is not acurate for fine woodworking. Marking knife
Hand drill
The Hand Drill - is used with small twist drills to drill holes in wood. The chuck is hand operated. The handle is turned and the gear wheels transmit this turning force to the chuck.
Cross Pein Hammer - this hammer is used to knock panel pins and small nails into wood. Start by using the wedge end (cross pein) to hit the nail head which is held between finger and thumb. Once the pin has started use the flat end to complete the job. Cross pein or tack hammer
G cramp G Cramp - This is used for clamping objects together.. Very useful for holding work down while it is being worked on. It can also be used to clamp while glue is setting.

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